Monday, March 20, 2006

Poll results

Well, another week, another poll result. I can discern from the most results to date that either my golf tips suck, or no one is applying them! :-)
76% of my blog readers are over an 11 handicap....and half of those are higher than 21.
Thank you everyone for participating in this last poll! The information helps me fine-tune what I write about. Please don't be shy about posting a comment of your golf swing. If there is one area that is a perennial problem...let me know about it...I can help. If I can't help, I will find the info to help you. That is my promise to you.

Here is a little background on me:

I am self-taught. I was an alternate for my Ohio H.S. golf team my junior/senior years that took 5th and 7th in state, and I competed for a spot on the golf team as a freshman at U of A....until my grades landed me into trouble with the head of Finance....that is when I had to take off the rose-colored glasses and get down to brass tax, graduate, and focus on the real world.

While I can't overhaul a swing, I can tweak it, to make it more enjoyable for you.
My bottom-line is when I get off a golf course I would like to remember the conversations I had, rather that the remembering the pin positions.

My next poll has to do with the latest ripples coming out of Bay Hill. It seems that Arnie is contemplating turning some of the par 5's into par 4's. Alot of folks thought that his latest opinion was senility....that is until Tiger Woods put his weight behind it. Now it'll most-likely happen next year when the Bay Hill changes names to better recognize the main man who fostered the growth of this tournament.
So let's have a little fun with this and take on the latest volley on what to do about course length.
Once again, thanks for contributing!

Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass.



MyDailySlice said...

Agreed. Traditional golf course landscapes are yet another thing being rendered obsolete because of technology. I guess that is the catch 22 of capitalism!

Anonymous said...

The TPC isn't that long and it proved to be quite a challenge for Tiger and the rest this year. They don't HAVE to be long to be good.

And JFB: Don't worry about your reader's handis. 98% of amateurs can't break 90.