Saturday, March 03, 2007

My new bag tag

In 1999 I met Mike Last. He was hawking free ball markers and divot repair tools, on a tee box sponsored by his dot-com company LMTT (Last Minute Tee Times) at a local golf tournament I was playing.

Like all dot-com founders back in the hey-day...he was high on enthusiasm and low on cash, but every golf course was his billboard, and he was there to spread his gospel...and I heard it, and signed up.
He had this idea to give golfers (in Atlanta at the time) the ability to find a tee time at the last minute and pay less than full boat to play...both helping the course to fill an open slot, and to help the golfer by giving him great deal. It was good for me (a frugal Clark Howard disciple), as I was playing fantastic courses at half-price, whilst enjoying the fraternity of newly minted LMTT members that would gather for LMTT-sponsored events in the area.
A lot has happened since then.
I recently received an award (the bag tag and VIP extension) from LMTT (now, which thanked me for being one of their most active members. Mike and his crew have done an outstanding job of building communities of golfers not only here where LMTT was started...but all over the country...they just signed up their 325,000th member!
You can sign up (it's free) by clicking the button on my blog. You'll then have access to your area courses that offer last minute tee times at deep discounts. Plus, when you sign up you'll get a $10 bonus just for being a friend of MyDailySlice.
Ya know, I still use that ball marker and divot tool. Thanks Mike.
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Ottawa Golf Blog said...

It's amazing they have just signed up there 325,000th member. They don't have on e here in Ottawa yet. Toronto and Vancouver are the only cities in Canada so far.
Ottawa Golf Blog

MyDailySlice said...

You should contact them. Tell them you have a two-fer: not only do you have great golf...but great Muskie fishing!

Thanks for reading,


Patricia Hannigan said...

Sounds like a great idea. Hope they get set up in CT soon. It's really expensive to play here.

MyDailySlice said...

Email, tell him that you're a MyDailySlice reader, and you want LastMinuteGolfer in CT now! That should get the proverbial ball rolling (pun intended!)