Sunday, November 16, 2008

Coming full circle

I remember Mother loading my brother and me in the car on sunny Sunday afternoons after church, to go to the local Mini-Golf park located past a few of the cornfields that dominated the Ohio scenery.
The prominent icon at this mini-golf park was a giant brontosaurus that guarded over the 18 miniature holes. The course would turn us us into veritable Indiana Jones-esque crusaders battling through windmills, waterfalls, church steeples bridges and...oh..yea, that dinosaur that always ate our red and blue golf balls at the 18th hole.
We always finished at the "19th hole" with an ice cream sundae... was sweet revenge.
Now instead's beaches. Instead of's pirate ships.
But it's mini-golf...and every course we play transforms my son into a 5-year old scout guide that uses a putter as his machete and his ball as a canary in a coal mine. I can truly say it is a proud moment for a father when I take my son on these putting adventures and see him get so wound-up with excitement.
Sure the courses mostly seem corny to me now, and my enthusiasm wanes when my son wants to play 36, but I check myself and remember that back Mom was doing it for us, and as sure as I remember her...she was in it for the family time.
So when the balls disappear into the 18th hole, we give each other a high five and a big hug.
Then we find the closest place to get an ice cream sundae...
...and those still taste as good as I remember.
Thanks for reading. Keep it in the short-grass,


Anonymous said...

I always loved mini golf courses! Ever since I was a little kid until now in my 20's... Enjoyment for the whole family.

Anonymous said...

My son was also a minature golf fanatic. However, he grew into a big time golf player. I had the pleasure of playing golf with my son for about twelve years on nearly every weekend. What a great way to get quality time with your son. Enjoy it as some day he will grow up and those great times will come less often.

LoneWolf said...

Well struck! I wish we had a mini golf course in our area (the nearest that I know of is about 1.5 hours away) so that I could take my little munchins more often.

My daughter (9) is now interested in actually playing golf so I'm looking forward to next summer.

What's eating the balls at the 18th now?

Shalom and high fives!

Anonymous said...

I recently learned that a brontosaurus is no longer called a brontosaurus. The name has been changed, and I have no idea why. I can't remember the new name, but I remember that they certainly didn't change it to make it easier to pronounce.


Anonymous said...

me too golf is my life.. i love playing golf since i was a little boy..

Anonymous said...

It is my life as well.